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What’s Conversion Memo About?

The marketing world moves quick.

Most of what used to work, no longer works today. As a growth marketer that’s a problem because the risk is wasting time and money on things that won’t ROI.

But the real challenge is finding out what's working now. Most information is hidden behind paywalls and expensive masterminds. That’s why we created the Growth Memo – in partnership with Funnelytics, the leading Funnel Analytics tool.

Our access to millions of data points allows us to see things most marketer’s can't. Which means when you get our Memos, you’ll be getting powerful insights, tactics and strategies real businesses scaling are using right now… delivered to your inbox, every single week, absolutely free.

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Doing business online is all about capture incoming traffic, nurture the leads, convert them into customers, and get them to refer more customers.

If you're looking for proven tactics & strategies to increase your landing page or website conversion so that you can attract new customers, then this Conversion Memo newsletter is for you.

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Who's Behind The Newsletter?

Hi, my name is Jackson Yew. Since 2019, I’ve designed & built over 1000+ websites, funnels, and landing pages for clients like Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Dan Lok, Gallant Dill, Shanda Sumpter and so on.

  • Engineer-turned hybrid of marketer/designer,

  • Strategist & team behind multiple successful 7-8 figure launches,

  • Won multiple awards, including the infamous Two Comma Club Award,

  • Scaled B2B SaaS from 7-figure to 8-figure within a year (2022),

  • Consulted multiple business owners on branding & conversion

I have a passion to share what I learn or what I experienced along my journey across different businesses, and my goal for starting this newsletter is that one day you will win a lot more customers from the memos and choose to work together with me.